Long Island City High School

Digital Photography

‘My World’

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Student Surveys

Q: What did you learn while taking photographs?

Adilene answered:

I learned that the composition of a photograph is really important if I want to be able to tell a story. (about her first posting)...The bud and the Christmas wreath really tell a story about climate change.

Q: How has this project helped you to understand the model program (My World)?

Veronica answered:

It helped me to be more aware and observant of the scenery and of the things happening around me.

World out of balance: Adilene, New Grass and Ice( January): Adilene, Shock: Veronica

1 comment:

AlissaPhoto said...

"That photo is nice. It looks like you took it from an airplane.
It makes me feel like I am flying when I look at it."
-Shaquille, Aviation HS