Long Island City High School

Digital Photography

‘My World’

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Work from New Students

Digiphoto welcomes 4 new students...

Karen Romero- streetlamp, Alexandra Portilla: stair pattern, Nathalie Tlatelpa: magnified mouth, Christian (Kiki) Romero: lights chasing Elvin.

Five Points

Elvin Tavarez


LIC Smokestack creatures: Elvin, Antifreeze Puddle: Elvin, Mattress Discarded: Elvin, Sky on Fire: Elvin

Birdworld, mirror images, flower coffin...

World's fair: Jefferson/Elvin Art Co-op, mirror images: Veronica, Flower coffin: Alexandra


On February 4 we hosted a photography showcase at Long Island City High School. Students from IS230 in Jackson Heights and MS2 in Brooklyn came and shared their work with us.

Student Surveys

Q: What did you learn while taking photographs?

Adilene answered:

I learned that the composition of a photograph is really important if I want to be able to tell a story. (about her first posting)...The bud and the Christmas wreath really tell a story about climate change.

Q: How has this project helped you to understand the model program (My World)?

Veronica answered:

It helped me to be more aware and observant of the scenery and of the things happening around me.

World out of balance: Adilene, New Grass and Ice( January): Adilene, Shock: Veronica

Art Co-op

Elvin and Jefferson have formed "art co-op", taking photographs together synergistically (where the result is greater than the sum of its parts). They went on line and found instructions on how to make "light paintings" using an LED flashlight. By keeping the shutter open for 3 seconds and moving the flashlight, they were able to create these amazing images.

New Work

Since our last post, we have taken a field trip to the Noguchi Museum in LIC and MoMA where we saw a sculpture exhibition by Martin Puryear. We also had a chance to go to Bryant Park and go ice skating. photo credits: ladder-jefferson cortes, child with puddle-veronica zamora, xmas bulb-adilene guerrera, digiphoto class- all of us.